FlowCom is a joint venture company created by a group of manufacturers and experts. Main activity of business is engaged in development and production of pipeline components for plumbing, mechanical, water system etc. specialized in fire protection industry.

Our mission is to always supply our worldwide customers a comprehensive range of products and services, which represent quality and value supported by expert knowledge and many years experience.

With the strong support from our ISO certified manufacturing facility, FlowCom currently provide the following products/Service to our worldwide customers, especially FM/UL standard valves and hangers:

  1. FLO Products
      1. FM/UL standard Wafer and Grooved-end Butterfly Valves.
      2. FM/UL standard Grooved-end Swing Check Valves.
      3. FM/UL standard Swivel, Clevis and Cup nut Pipe Loops, and Beam Clamps.
      4. Variety of other valves, hangers with different finish and customized products.

  2. One Stop Shopping Consolidation and Consulting Service
  3. In order to make our customer’s job easier and more convenient, as one of mutual activities with our customers, we also work together for customer’s local outsourcing and consolidation. In addition, we provide quality control, Import & export business handling and agency service if needed.

  4. OEM/ODM Service
  5. Since FlowCom is customer closely tied company, any idea from our worldwide customers could spark a business opportunities. With our manufacturing facilities and experience in many production processes, such as engineering, tooling, casting, forging, stamping, machining, rubber injection, finish and so on, we can make it happen.

    This is a general company profile. For the latest and most complete products, news, updates and additional information, please visit our website at www.flowcomtech.com or contact us. We invite you to work and grow together.